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Repairing your home’s structural foundation problems restores safety and property value
We Fix Foundation Problems:Bowing walls

Cracked walls
Damaged concrete patios
Settled foundations
Heaved & sunken sidewalks
Tilting chimneys
Tilting concrete stairs
Cracked & sunken slab
Uneven floors
Damaged retaining walls

“A solid foundation” is often referred to as the right way to begin building a house or starting just about any project. So what happens when your foundation starts to crack, crumble, settle or shift? These are serious problems, for sure. Some signs of foundation damage are obvious, like a cracked, settled slab or a bowing foundation wall, for example. Other signs are less dramatic, like uneven floors or wallboard cracks around window and door openings.
It’s smart to identify the cause before repairing the damage

Just about anyone can make temporary foundation repairs with “quick fixes” like concrete mix and patching mortar. But to PERMANENTLY repair a damaged foundation, it’s necessary to determine what soil, water or construction-related conditions caused the damage in the first place. This is why it’s wise to call in a foundation repair expert. These professionals have been trained to identify a variety of conditions that can cause foundation damage, such as:
Foundation SupportWorks

Being in basements and crawl spaces everyday, we’ve seen thousands of foundation problems. To address this, Basement Systems partnered with a team of structural engineers to create Foundation Supportworks. Many Basement Systems dealers perform foundation repair services, but where they don’t, there is a Foundation Supportworks dealer that can help you. For a free foundation repair estimate and inspection, visit Foundation Supportworks

Expansive soil
Clay-rich soil that can expand when wet and exert tremendous pressure against foundation walls and slabs.

Weak, compressible soil
Fill soils and other soils with poor load-bearing capacity.

Voids created by plumbing leaks or erosion that leave walls and slabs unsupported.

Improper construction
Mistakes made during the building process that leave foundation elements prone to damage.
Our exclusive foundation repair products provide quick, affordable solutions to a home’s structural problems

Many people (including contractors) assume that a sunken slab or a bowing foundation wall must be demolished and replaced with a new and improved equivalent. Foundation repair specialists rarely resort to destructive solutions because they have access to engineered products like steel piers, wall anchors, braces and geotechnical foam designed to raise settled slabs. With these resources, most foundation repairs can be made quickly and affordably, with minimal disruption to the home or business.
Foundation repair specialists can also fix damaged exterior concrete

The tools and techniques that foundation specialists use to fix damaged foundations can also repair concrete sidewalks, driveways and patios that have sunk or shifted. Tilting chimneys and exterior stairways can also benefit from these quick, affordable repair techniques.
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